Friday, September 5, 2008

Natalie's Best Friend

These are the two most perfect babies. Collectively these two would make the Best twins. Natalie on the left is ours and Brianna is my sister Shawna's baby. Shawna has just started employment as a Physicians Assistant and I have been babysitting her two children while she is doing her training. Natalie and Brianna are perfect. Its those boys who are the trouble makers.


Cindy said...

what CUTIES!! I love that picture!!

KatherineWoodin said...

They do make cute twins. I just bought two umbrella strollers that can be hooked together to take them for walks.

RaelynB. said...

Julie, YOur kids are so cute. I can't believe how fast your and Shawna's babies are getting! They grow so fast. Your blog is cute! I love to see what you are up to. have a great day! Raelyn