Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wesley loved helping me peel the apples as I canned apple pie filling. He also loved helping grandma pick grapes at Jon and Monica's house. It looks like Jim almost got lost in the jungle of grapes vines.
Believe it or not this is grape juice. I think it turned out so pretty. Jon and Monica called and said we could have at their grapes we took em serious and ended up with over 22 quarts of grape juice. It was hard work but its fun since Jim and I do it together. Thanks Jon and Monica. This picture is to show Cindy a two quart jar compared to a one quart jar.
Here is a sample of our fall activities. So far we have canned apricot jam, pickles, salsa, grape juice, apple pie filling, pears, and peaches. We still have a few things left to can from our garden, but it looks like we're almost done. Yeah!!!

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Cindy said...

Wow! All that hard work and now you can sit back and reap the rewards from your labor. I just wish I was there to can grape juice with you. And yes Sam did can salsa with me but I canned the tomato's by myself. I am actually glad that he didn't help me with the tomato's because it actually gave me a boost in confidence. "I can".